How Can I Help You?

Reading your story and understanding your specific need for support is important to me when developing new content. I am always looking at new ways of supporting parents and young people , and I value any insights you may be able to supply.

This input from you will help, not only you and your child, but also those around you. Giving your knowledge by answering this quick question can shed some important light on the exact support that is needed for children and parents in our society.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, it is really appreciated. The more information you share, the greater the chances are that I will be able to address your concern in my upcoming content with a solution.

Support 4 Kids | Empowering Parents to Boost Young Minds

An engaging talk from Tina Elven, Mind Coach and Founder of Support 4 Kids. Tina will cover the steps you can take to support your child in dealing with their anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviours.