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Therapy Dogs & Special Needs

Wonderful, you have arrived here. Please stay as I am super excited to tell you a bit more about my non-profit initiatives which form part of my ethos of supporting people from all paths of life, ensuring everyone is able to live a life without limitations.

Let’s start with a bit of background fluff showing you why I am so passionate about my initiatives.  When I started offering my online solutions, it was always clear to me that part of the business would focus on non-profit concepts revolving around those affected by special needs but equally those who would be benefit emotionally from a therapy dog visit. 

You see, I am the mother of two children with special needs which means I am a massive advocate of equal opportunities. But we are also a family with two cuddly dogs who have provided much emotional comfort to my children over the years. 

I am a strong believer in encouraging positivity and using natural techniques to overcome challenges in life. My goal is to raise positive awareness and support anyone associated with learning difficulties. Equally, I want to reach those who will benefit from a cuddle with one of our therapy dogs, allowing that individual to reach a moment of calmness and stability.  It is all about offering support and inspiration and breaking down emotional barriers while making a difference to someone’s life.

Feeling inspired and want to get involved? Why not send me a message! The projects are continuously expanding and I am always looking for keen volunteers or fluffy pooches who want to join the team of therapy dogs. 

Are you in need of being matched with a therapy dog? Maybe you are looking to book a special needs motivational talk to your students? 

Don’t delay, reach out today. I will come back to you asap to discuss a FREE visit whether I bring a dog or just myself! 

Therapy Dogs | Non Profit | Tina Elven | Mind Coach and Author
Communicate Safely Without Judgement
Therapy Dogs | Non Profit | Tina Elven | Mind Coach and Author
Read to Dogs in School
Special Needs Campaign | Non Profit Initiative from Tina Elven
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My book for children with special needs is filled with fun stories and great illustrations. Help your child tackle and understand those weird sayings in the English language.

Book by Tina Elven | Put A Sock In It | Special Needs

FREE Special Needs Talks & Therapy Dog Visits

That’s right,  I offer FREE special needs talks in schools, colleges and universities as well as FREE therapy dog visits to a range of settings like schools, hospitals, work places and homes for the elderly. 

When invited, I speak to pupils and students about the importance of inclusion, how life is different when you grow up with a special need, and what people can do to support those affected by additional needs. I also share some personal stories!

When speaking in educational settings, I always adapt my material to the specific audience and age group. A range of methods will be used during these FREE talks to ensure your audience is engaged and interacts with the content and activities. Topics will be pitched to allow the message of inclusion for all members of society to be fully absorbed.

My motivational talks vary in content and are always pitched to the requirements of the respective setting. Get in touch to discover more, and find out how I can support your pupils and students with a different and unique approach.

There is something extremely comforting about the reassuring touch of a dog. This is particularly true if you are going through a hard time, feeling lonely or you are simply finding it difficult to communicate with those around you.

Maybe you are a teacher who has recognised that some of your pupils would benefit from reading to a calm dog. Maybe you run a nursing home and you just know that our visit will spread joy amongst your residents. Or it could be that your child is in hospital and they would be thrilled to meet a cuddly creature for support.

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a visit with me and one of my selected therapy dogs.

Check Out The Cool Designs

Make a Purchase and HELP CHARITIES

Make a real difference and help create opportunities for those affected by special needs or those working with therapy dogs. It is very easy to purchase a t-shirt or a mug, for example. Please note that all profits are donated to selected dog and special needs charities. 

You can even add your own messages to the designs – go ahead, be creative! All the illustrations for my merchandise have been designed in-house. If you have a request for a particular design or theme, don’t be shy, let me know.