Tina Elven's Journey of Discovery to Supporting Kids

What a journey it has been! When I first qualified, it felt natural for me to specialise in the field of helping young people who were suffering from mental health issues, as I have been working with young people for the majority of my career. When I was newly qualified, it was clear that most of my colleagues felt that one-to-one sessions were the most sensible approach, it was certainly the standard method others were using. But I had a dream of taking things further, I wanted to go online and reach parents and young people across the globe which clearly was not possible by solely using a one-to-one approach!

I started by doing what everyone else was doing, I worked the way I was supposed to, but not for long! I always knew that young people interact differently than adults in a therapeutic setting. Young people are typically pragmatic about wanting solutions, and not necessarily keen on doing ‘all that talking’. When working with young people in my clinic, part of my approach was to offer the exercises and activities online for home use. My young clients were provided with confidential log in details, and were able to access their material online for practise and re-enforcement. Interestingly, I noticed a higher success rate among those who utilised these private online areas.

Another observation was that when parents brought their children along, on top of the child’s session, I would typically spend considerable time guiding the parents too. It became evident to me that parents were keen to understand how they could best support their own child. They really wanted to discover the powers of the techniques and models we were using in sessions. Therefore, when developing my self-help solutions, it was paramount for me that parents were offered the opportunity to take on the role of being their child’s own coach, supporting them on a daily basis, and together developing some crucial skills for dealing with life’s daily challenges. That is why my  Boost Young Minds solutions have components for both the young person and their parents. Addressing a personal challenge united as a family is a much more powerful method than focusing on the young person in isolation.

To cut a long story short, all of these observations led to the development of my first online solution Whizzy Minds, a range of visualisation videos for young people. Following its successful introduction, I decided to put all my focus into developing further online solutions allowing young people and parents across the world to benefit from a unique approach. My aim is for you and your child to achieve your desired goals and aspirations through one of my Boost Young Minds solutions.

Here’s my official welcome…I am Tina Elven and I am a Mind Coach. I am sure you have already noticed that I specialise in providing online solutions for parents, children, and teenagers. Today, I feel proud that I am able to support parents and children through a Boost Young Minds approach.

Personally, I have spent the majority of my life looking for solutions, making it a point of not going back over a problem or dwelling on my past experiences. I believe that the tools I have acquired over the years have permitted me to become a stronger person while also giving me an awareness of the options available to me. By being conscious of the need to stay focussed and organised, I feel it has allowed me to remain engaged and enthusiastic in my daily environment as well as in the fantastic job of supporting parents and young people. Every day, I feel truly inspired by the people I meet and those I help through my Boost Young Minds solutions.

Looking back over my career, one thing that stands out is the fact that I have always worked with people in one capacity or another (mostly with parents and young people). Before I trained as a mind coach I worked for many years as a specialist tutor to children with specific educational needs, particularly dyslexia and those who required support to develop their working memory. As relaxation, I also enjoyed running a youth club for young people with moderate learning difficulties and I offered support at an adult special needs group.

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I am first and foremost a proud mum, I have two wonderful kids who just happen to have special needs. This has only made me even more determined to learn as much as I can about young people but also the effect special needs can have on development and mental well-being, as well as family relationships. I have a passion for self-development and to this day, I continue training within the field of therapies, children, teenagers, parenting, special needs, and of course, anything related to the latest technology advances!

Over the span of the last 30 years I have been very committed to helping various charity causes which have always been related to children and/or special needs. Today, I am still actively ensuring that I give back to the community by running some non-profit initiatives. When given the chance, I am personally involved in motivational speaking engagements and workshops at schools, colleges and with other interested groups of people.

As if this wasn’t keeping me busy, in my spare time, I enjoy writing and have written a number of children’s books, some of which have a self-help message.  I love the idea of using my creative side to weave helpful themes around a magical story that a child will want to read (or hear) again and again. There’s nothing more inspiring for a child than following a beloved character through a situation to an ultimately successful ending.

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The Team of Amazing Therapy Dogs

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Buster - Therapy Dog
Therapy Dogs | Non Profit | Tina Elven | Mind Coach and Author
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Therapy Dogs | Non Profit | Tina Elven | Mind Coach and Author
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