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My mind never stops working, ideas are popping in and out of my head every five seconds. Honestly, I swear, it looks like a busy train station inside my mind. For now though, how about grabbing your copy of The Flea & The Pea below. I promise that it will be a fun-filled adventure for you and your kids.

The Flea & The Pea

Finding Fab Friends

Follow the adventures of Ghee the Flea as he meets an unlikely companion in this charming little story about friendship. Read how Ghee meets Pea and introduces him to all of his other friends in the garden…


Tina Elven | The Flea & The Pea | Finding Fab Friends
Tina Elven | Put A Sock In It | Book for special needs children

Put A Sock In It!

Weird Everyday Expressions

Does your child have difficulty understanding weird sayings and idioms? My book is packed with colourful, fun illustrations depicting a wide range of idioms to make this learning journey engaging for your child.


Supporting those affected by special needs is a cause very close to my heart, having two children myself who deal with additional needs on a daily basis. I truly feel inspired by my children, and it has made me a stronger person that I have had the privilege to parent two such wonderful individuals. They make me see the world in a different light, and when life feels tough, I only have to look at their achievements and sparkling personalities.

Twiggy Wood Twins - on the doorstep

These stories take place in Twiggy Wood, where you will meet my main characters, the twins Ava and Fintal, who deal with daily obstacles in these fantastic self-help books for children. These endearing stories are aimed at parents who want to support their young child in overcoming a particular issue as the stories guide you through a practical and holistic approach. Through the engagement with the twins, and the additional ‘How To’ sections, children are encouraged to embrace self-help techniques to feel better which involves taking control of their concerns. The three books in the series will be released
shortly, and will include the below titles.

Tina Elven | Twiggy Wood Twins | Books for children