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The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your First Job

Having spent all those years studying, you are finally ready for that first crucial job. No doubt about it, it can be very daunting to enter the ‘real’ world, a world where you have to secure a job and become part of a working community.

If you think if feels like a mammoth task to prepare for everything, I have put some tips together to get you started and potentially put you on the path of success in your career. We also have some insider tips from Erin Moody, for those students leaving higher education.

Having a good interview is not necessarily something that comes naturally, and this is why it is good to do some interview role play. It might even be that you have already tested your interview skills in your educational setting since most schools, colleges and universities have realised the importance of preparing their students for the outside world.

Is this new to you? Don’t worry ‘practice makes perfect’ – there is definitely something about that saying. Practicing your interview skills with a friend or family member will help reduce the stress you may be feeling. When you practice your interview techniques it gets you into the habit of speaking in a fluent manner without having to stop regularly to gather your thoughts.

Tips on how to get your first job | Blog | Support 4 Kids

How To Make An Impression At The Interview

Dress for the occasion. If the job you are applying for requires a suit, wear a suit and so on. Most importantly, make sure you and your clothes are clean and neat. Avoid overpowering perfumes or large statement items.

Do some research on the company. There is nothing worse than an applicant who knows nothing about the company they have applied to. Even simple research is better than none, look at their website, find facts that will show you are interested in the job you are applying for.

Prepare some questions you may want to ask at the interview, it could be about the company or about the job you are being interviewing for. This is particular helpful, if you are feeling nervous. It also shows the employer that you have done your research and that you are keen to discover more.

Bring an extra copy of your CV to the interview, and bring a notebook so you can take notes if you feel it is necessary.

Arrive 10 minutes early, never ever arrive late. Turn off your phone and don’t even think about looking at it, not even in the waiting area. Instead, sit up straight and appear confident and approachable.

Be friendly when you meet the person who will be interviewing you. Remember to shake their hand. In the interview, make eye contact and remember to breathe. Take your time while answering the questions.

At the end of the interview, say thank you for the opportunity, and that you are looking forward to hearing from them.

Back at home, if you want to stand out, you may also want to send them a written thank you note, sending it to the person who undertook the interview.

Guest Contribution from Erin Moody

The following section has been provided by Erin Moody who is an experienced writer and Human Resources Professional. Erin is based in the US, and has over seven years of experience in Recruiting and Human Resources as well as a Master’s Degree in Human Resources from LSU. She loves to share her knowledge with people who read her career blog at

Erin’s Tips On Landing Your First Job

If you are about to graduate, it is time for the next step – landing that first job. As a new grad, you likely don’t have much experience, which can make it a bit difficult. Rest assured there are plenty of graduates in the same predicament. With some preparation and determination, you will land your first job after university, here’s how:

Creating Your CV

Step one is creating or updating your CV or resume. Make sure to include any experience you have relating to your desired industry. This includes internships (paid and unpaid), projects, and clubs you have been involved with.

Also include any jobs that you have been doing while at university. Yes, that includes your nannying position! Though these jobs may not be directly related to the professional job you are seeking, it will show potential employers you have work ethic.

How to Find Job Opportunities

This is probably the hardest part about landing your first job. There are tons of places to look for job postings, but it can be difficult to stand out. In addition to applying online, I suggest reaching out to all contacts you have to let them know you are looking.

A connection can put your CV to the top of the pile and give you a much better chance at landing an interview. Also check to see if your university offers any career fairs that local companies attend. These events are a fantastic way to meet company representatives face to face.

Interviewing Skills

Talking to hiring managers can seem a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! They are trying to determine if you have the skills for the job and if you fit into their culture. Think about it like you are explaining what you are interested in to a mentor or professor.

When it comes down to it, you are just trying to determine if you are interested in their company and culture just as much as they are. If you are both a match and it is the right role for you, an offer will follow. No worries if it doesn’t result in a job offer, there will be others out there..

The Offer Stage

Landing the offer can be so exciting that you may be tempted to just accept on the spot! Some companies may have a strict entry level wage to offer, but there is no harm in asking. Let them know you are excited about the offer and simply ask if there is any room for negotiation? Recruiters are expecting this and if you can get a bit more to start out, it will help you earn more in the long run. 

This time in your life is so exciting! You are starting out on the first step of real life. It can be intimidating, but you can find a great first job. As CV Library points out – Remember that this doesn’t need to be the job you stick with for the long haul. It is your first job, that will lead to many others.

The Number One Reason Young People Should Volunteer

The Power of Volunteering

It can be hard to start on the career ladder, in particular if you have never had the opportunity to do work experience or similar to gain that crucial practice. A vast number of employers look for young people who have proven themselves in the work market whether it is related to a paid job or volunteering.

Tips on how to get your first job | Blog | Support 4 Kids

There are many good reasons for taking the time to volunteer, and they are not necessarily just related to getting a job once you have finished your education.  Did you know that helping others is a proven method to aid your own well-being? Research shows that we activate pleasure centres in our brains when we willingly take part in supporting those around us.

When you donate your time by volunteering, you create opportunities for your own future. However, you also get the chance to meet new people who believe in the same causes that inspire you. Further, you will be giving back to the community and having the chance to interact with your audience, gaining personal and work experience as well as building your confidence.

Support 4 Kids greatly believes in supporting people who wish to volunteer, and invite you to take part in any of our unique areas which will also help you create opportunities for yourself. Why not get involved?

Our Philosophy on Volunteering

Our take on volunteering may be somewhat transparent considering the fact that we provide supporting services to Boost Young Minds! But here it is anyway..…we strongly believe in the importance of mentoring the enthusiastic mind. It is crucial that we give our next generation of workers the opportunity to gain experience through real work.

Support 4 Kids is an international establishment promoting the use of technology and online approaches, therefore, we actively encourage applications from volunteers across the world. We are 100% confident that we can work together internationally, interacting through the use of technology.

Our Mentoring Approach

First, you will discover our business targets including our future plans to reach these. Considering our overall targets, you will decide which field you would like to work in, and we will fine tune your volunteering role to match this with your interest and knowledge.

Our first priority is to avoid overloading you but to ensure you receive a high level of mentoring allowing you to feel supported and encouraged to try new avenues. You will typically be set a specific project with a realistic deadline. Throughout all of this, we will mentor you to develop your interpersonal skills such as acting maturely and independently while also being part of a small team.

We will organise relevant training (typically done online), and we will support you to reach your project deadlines. If you are still studying, please note that we insist you prioritise your studies over any volunteering projects. Lastly, we put a strong focus on you developing independence as this will help you excel in a future job.

Most importantly, there will always be a close relationship and ongoing dialogue to ensure you feel supported, and can contribute positively to your role without feeling overwhelmed.

What’s In It For You

You will have the opportunity to contribute positively in new projects which reach young people across the world. Through your volunteering, you will gain a full understanding of how an online business can thrive and how we are able to support young people via online programs. Depending on your interest, and our agreement, you have the opportunity to gain extensive experience in using online platforms, software programs, and media tools as well as undertaking research, running PR campaigns, marketing, utilising social media, and so much more.

This is where Support 4 Kids may be the right fit for you, is this you?

  • you are a student looking to gain some experience in your spare time
  • you have finished your studies but have not managed to find the ideal job
  • you are in a dead-end job and want to break out into a new exciting field
  • you want to return to work after having taken some time off
  • you just have a passion for working with and supporting young people across the globe

But most importantly, whatever your reason, you are keen to develop your skills and gain valuable experience from volunteering in a dynamic environment that delivers up-to-date products and services geared toward supporting parents and young people.

If you are excited about this avenue, please get in touch and indicate your interest. We will always get back to you with a response as we consider all applications.

Should Support 4 Kids have an opening in your interest area, and we are a perfect match, you will be asked to sign a volunteering contract outlining our policies. Please note, we only take on a limited number of volunteers as we want to ensure we can provide the high level of personal mentoring we strive for at Support 4 Kids.

Good luck and here’s to your bright future.

Tina Elven

Tina Elven

Mind Coach and Founder of Support 4 Kids Ltd

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  1. Without a doubt, most people who seek employment don’t like interview – that’s the fact! But the reason behind this is “not knowing how to go about their interview,” I guess. Thanks for sharing this tip as I know most persons will benefit from it. I’m sharing this post with my cousin right away, she needs it honestly.

  2. Not only is this post completely helpful, but it has a ton of information in it. Even if you just need to focus on parts of it to get your new job locked in, this post is a winner. Securing your first job can be very difficult for people.

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