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Improve your relationships, blog by Support 4 Kids

How to boost your relationships

The word ‘relationship’ can be refer to your love life, your professional connections, friendship circles or indeed family situations. Individuals maintain many different types of relationships with a range of different people on a daily basis.

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Erase a bad memory or not? Blog by Support 4 Kids

Erasing a bad memory

Erasing a bad memory – should it be done or not – is it even possible? From a therapeutic point of view, one of my first questions would be…for what reason do you want to erase a memory?

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Getting rid of bad habits. Blog by Support 4 Kids
Condition Specific

Get rid of a bad habit

When we start on a self-help mission, our enthusiasm and motivation to change is generally very high. I am sure most of you can nod in recognition to these next steps in the process.

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