Empowering Parents to Coach Their Child

Are you keen to understand what is going on in your child’s mind? Do you want to be able to support your child on a level that will allow them to overcome a personal challenge? Become your child’s emotional coach by discovering the powerful set of Boost Young Minds tools.

Welcome Onboard

I am guessing you have landed here because you are concerned about your child’s emotional welfare for one reason or another.

It seems that it is our job as parents to feel worried about our children and this worry certainly happens at many junctures throughout your child’s life.  As a Mind Coach, I strongly believe you are the best equipped person to support your own child. Given the right tools, you are able to help your child handle emotional challenges and I am here to provide you with some powerful techniques and self-help activities. These tools will equip your child for life, allowing your child to gain control over their emotional worries, reach their goals and start living life to the fullest extent.

Make a positive change today, in the comfort of your own home. 

Has your child lost their confidence?

If you lose your confidence in more than one situation, and this happens consistently, you may start to experience negative outcomes affecting all areas of your life. When your self-perception is negative, it can lead to increased anxiety in unfamiliar or pressured situations, most likely affecting how you view yourself and your position in the world. When we experience a continued lack of confidence it can lead to:

  • Feelings of being criticised, blamed or judged all the time
  • Lack of energy and motivation
  • Procrastination – putting off tasks because they seem too big to tackle
  • Finding it difficult to make decisions, both privately and in other situations
  • Feelings of being out of control, possibly having anger outbursts
  • Avoiding social situations
  • Feeling depressed or experiencing consistent low mood
  • Being over-sensitive to situations and comments from others
  • Experiencing rejection and abandonment issues
  • Comparing yourself against everyone, feeling inferior and envious
  • Avoiding conflict, it feels safer to just do what you are told
  • Tendencies to sabotage a good thing
  • Developing an unhelpful negative habit, maybe even an addiction
  • Starting to experience anxiety and/or panic attacks


Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'Routines equal less stress for children as they know what is expected of them.'
Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'Children thrive on attention, stop and listen to what is going on in your child's life.'
Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'Practise positive self-talk, it improves your self-esteem and mind set.'
Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'Problem solving puts you back in control, which is a crucial life skill.'
Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'When you are kind to yourself, you have space to be kind to others.'
Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'Have an effective range of coping tools, and you feel empowered.'
Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'Children benefit from learning how to handle emotional outbursts.'
Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'When confident, you accept responsibility for your own life and behaviour.'

Are You Excited?

Did I manage to capture your interest? Are you keen to get started and find out how to support your child emotionally? You know that, without a doubt, you want to ensure your child can fulfil their dreams without any fears or worries?

If this is you, I can’t wait to share my ideas with you. I will be showing you a range of gadgets in my toolbox which will support you and your child by promoting fast working self-help techniques. In fact, I will be taking the mystery out of the question ‘how can I help my child thrive?’

​Empowering Parents to Boost Young Minds

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If you, or your child, is in an urgent crisis situation, please contact your GP immediately for direct emergency treatment.